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Mikasa Doors: Your Destination for Premium Engineered Wood Doors

Wooden Front Doors With Mikasa

Mikasa, a one stop shop for premium engineered wooden doors, produces naturally processed and finely finished units for both residential and commercial establishments. The final products are ready to install without a hassle. At Mikasa, you get doors that are resistant to decay and also have the option to take your pick from various a rich wood door design catalogue featuring various surfacing materials such as veneers, laminates and paints. Read to find out all that makes Mikasa a world favourite when it comes engineered wood doors. A Door for Every Need! Mikasa doors are versatile in character, design and…

5 Reasons Why Engineered Wood Doors Are in High Demand

Catalogue of Wooden doors design in India - Mikasa Doors

Wood is a widely used resource in interior and exterior construction of both residential and commercial properties. Besides promising great aesthetic appeal, wood, when transformed into an engineered wood product, can offer a number of other benefits such as increased lifespan and ease of maintenance. That is the reason why an increasing number of architects and designers are now turning to engineered wood doors. Continuing on the subject, we present some of the key reasons behind the increasing popularity of engineered wood doors. Read on. 1. Elegant Appeal One of the major benefits of engineered wood doors is that they…